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Explore the secret world of the Primortus.   They have walked amongst us since the beginning of time.  Fourteen years after a catastrophic disaster, the world has regained its balance with the help of the Primortus.  Now two powerful beings will battle one another and the outcome will determine our way of life. The series takes the reader on an adventure of destiny, love and loss.  For updates on the Primortus Chronicles scroll down. 

Book One of the 
Primortus Chronicles 
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When a fourteen year old girl is given two mysterious gifts, she is drawn into a dangerous world of magic.   With the help of Will,  her best friend, his cousins and her new stepsister, they seek to find the evil that threatens New Zealand.  But a black-eyed stranger is watching their every move.

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The Primortus Chronicles

JL Bond and Val Richards created a mystical world for all to enjoy.   To learn more about the authors check out 
About the Authors .
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Eleventh Elementum Book Trailer
Eleventh Elementum (The Primortus Chronicles, #1)

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Lord have mercy!  We spent 72 hours reading over our second book and only made it halfway through it due to edits and changes.  We are tired and our eyes are crossed.

Congratulations to the winners of the free ebooks and signed paperback book from the giveaway from the listopia voting.

The book signing was a blast. We met a lot of interesting people from all over the United States.  Go to our facebook page and check out the pictures.

Book Signing at the Book Loft located in Fernandina Beach, FL.  JL and Val will be there from Noon until 3 PM.

Eleventh Elementum ebook went on sale today for only .99!!  Get it while it's hot!

JL and Val are working hard on the second book, Hollowing Humusara. All the twist and turns will make this an exciting read!!!

Woot Woot! We were chosen to have our interview featured on Brad Covey's website.  Go check it out! 

We are nearing the point of halfway on book two.  Right now we are getting our Beta Readers lined up.  This is so exciting!!

Book two has a name. It is 
Hollowed Humusara.
We are supper excited about this next book.  So many questions answered and so many new questions to wonder about!

Book two of The Primortus Chronicles is underway and will be launched in 2013.  J.L. Bond and Val Richards are excited to be working on this second book. 
Eleventh Elementum Book Trailer #2
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The Primortus Zone
In ancient times the Greeks believed that the four elements, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water made up all matter.

In a way they weren’t so far off. In fact the four elements are similar to the four states of matter of modern science: 
solid (earth), liquid (water),
 gas (air), and plasma (fire).
The Four Elements

The tree weta (hemideina) can be found in Northern New Zealand.  

When threatened, they hiss and will bite.  They will raise their hind legs to warn their foes to keep away. Their bites can be painful but aren't common.   

The tree weta is nocturnal and may live in holes in trees dug out by beetles.
The Weta Bug
Unlock the mystery 
of the Primortus.

Eleventh Elementum
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 The Primortus Chronicles
Inside one of those darkened rooms lay a neatly wrapped package, waiting to unleash its contents. Securely tucked within were two gifts that were not what they seemed. Their true worth and how deeply they were tied to The Day was yet to be revealed. After years in silence their time had arrived.
What is a Primortus?  
Watch the video below.
What is an Elementum?  
Watch the video below.
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Eleventh Elementum is currently at the number two spot  on the listopia list below.
Best Teen Book.  
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